Hey, I'm Keir


This me and my wife, Claire, and our two crazy chimps, Arlo and Kobi. You'll often see us taking random selfies in random places.

See, we like to get about and make the most of out downtime. We like to feel alive and have as much fun as we can.

But, this wasn’t always the case...

My Story

In January 2015 I opened my gym business.

I had no business experience or mentor (first fail). No long-term business plan or strategy (second fail). I had monthly overheads expenses which ran well into 4 figures… more than I’d even earned in my life.

Yet, this was to be our "ticket to freedom".

See, 7 years prior to this I had been stuck in a job for 9 years which I absolutely hated. From the age of 17 to 26 I worked as a mechanical engineer.

Until one day I realised there had to be more to life. Back then I had no idea what opportunities I had available; all I knew was I needed to up my education game.

So, I sold my home, quit my job and headed to Uni. I graduated at the age of 31.

I've got to say, this was probably my biggest achievement to date. Certainly from a self development perspective.

See, I was on the brink of quitting in my first semester.

I was absolutely crippled with self-doubt and anxiety.

After been a factory worker for over nine years this was WAY out my comfort zone.

I was relatively uneducated (failed my GCSE's at school) and the only reading I'd done prior to this was the entire collection of Harry Potter...

seriously, these were good books.

At the time I couldn't afford a TV in my room, so I took up reading fiction instead.

To make things worse, the course was full of young kids fresh out of college.

All with fresh learning experience... my first experience of imposture syndrome.

So, I had a word with myself and said;

"You've come too far to quit. Regardless of what happens, see this through and be proud you didn't quit"

As it happens I graduated with a 2:1 and got to wear and funky little hat and gown.

I then spent the next two years working as a self-employed personal trainer.


For the next five years...

I spent making every mistake imaginable but learning a ton of cool, and invaluable things along the way.

I taught myself every technical skill. From figuring out how to run marketing campaigns to understanding social media influence. From building a website to learning the internal operations of a successful business.

I proclaim this as my 'business degree'.

I invested heavily into my own education to learn everything I could about business, finances and marketing. Which is probably why I inadvertently attracted business professionals and entrepreneurs, as my clients.


And then...


It was here I really started to realise something. Although successful in wealth, many of my clients were highly stressed, over consumed and unfulfilled with their work. Then over the years I began to realise this in my own life,

My hours were never ending, yet the results were no where near the sacrifice. 12-16 hours at the gym wasn't uncommon, leaving little to no time with my family. 

And when I was, I wasn't present. Distracted by a 7" pocket computer or figuring out the "next" big campaign.

I completely lost my purpose, my clarity was as clear as mud bath.

In late 2017, just after Kobi was born, I was 30lbs overweight, depressed and had no clue where to go.   


My biggest lesson...

Understanding that I'd spent years developing my technical skills, and zero time developing myself. Yet I was the ultimate cog. The performance of my business and life was on me. I was the biggest asset and I failed to recognise that.


Think for a second.

If you had a million pound racehorse, would you deprive it of sleep and exercise?

Would you have it racing around 12-16hrs every day?

Because eventually that prized racehorse will be worth nothing more than a bag of hay. 

This is when I discovered personal development. I started diving deep into research and methodologies to try and figure things out. The more I did the more I realised something;

I wasn't living intentionally or with purpose.

I kept telling myself...


"Once I hit £XXX, things will be different". 


Convinced myself I'll take time out with my family and sleep more;

Have you ever found yourself repeating this type of narrative?

Because this isn't uncommon for high performers. In fact it why most go from high performance to mediocrity. 

It's why relationships breakdown and businesses fail. 


After five years of running a successful bricks & mortar business, I closed the doors.

I figured it was no longer serving my life purpose. I realised I was trying to force something that I was no longer excited about.

Now, I’m all for lifestyle. My purpose in life is to be a great coach, a successful entrepreneur and devoted family man.

I'm excited by my work and I wake up each day with joy and passion. I've created a lifestyle which gives me freedom of choice and privilege to live each day with purpose.

And I want to help you do the same. To live life on your terms and become an influencer of your life and your business.

Although experience is important, I take my education more seriously than anything else. I’m a dedicated student of personal development and Certified High Performance Coach (CHPC). This is one of the world’s most prestigious certifications in personal and professional development.

If you too are passionate about personal growth, let us connect.

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