How to think yourself to success

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 “You are creating, at this moment, the person you’re going to become tomorrow, and you are wiring that person in to your brain”


This quote, from Shad Helmstetter can be found in his book The Power of Neuroplasticity ... It changed my life.


Let me ask you…


Are you aware of the things you say to yourself?


Are you fully aware of the 6,000+ thoughts you have EVERY DAY?


AKA self talk.


Because we all do it. We all have daily conversations with ourselves -- It is normal.


But here’s the thing…


What you say today is growing the person of tomorrow.


Quite literally — this isn't just my opinion — it's science.


I'll explain… 


I’ve been a little obsessed with neuroplasticity for a while now, it’s a pretty cool thing.

I view it as the science version of Law of Attraction.


Quite simply (if you haven’t heard of it) it’s your brain's ability to change.


Your brain is ‘plastic’ and can be moulded throughout your entire lifetime.



Yes ENTIRE lifetime.



Which means it’s never too late …



30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s you can still change.


This is why powerful actions like:


  • Visualisation
  • Self talk
  • Habits
  • Learning
  • Meditation


Are essential practices for growth.


They create new neurological connects and pathways — which lead to new programs.


Programs are kinda your beliefs … beliefs you’ve acquired through experiences.


Your parents, school teachers, friends, stuff you read/watch and listen too, all influence your beliefs. 


These programs influence your thoughts, actions and level of success.


Imagine you think (or tell yourself):


‘I’m not intelligent’ 


You’ll believe this thought and your capacity to learn is crippled.


Thing is, it doesn’t stop there. This connection leads to networks (of connections) and ends up looking messy. 


And so you end up down a rabbit hole of:


‘I’m stupid’

‘I hate learning”

‘I’ll never be good at anything’

‘I’ll never be successful’


And it goes on…


Now imagine, you say (or think):


‘I have the ability to learn anything I want’


Well now you’ve just gone a created a positive connection.


And guess what?! — It begins to create strong networks:


‘I love learning new things’

‘I’m getting good at this’

‘I have potential’

‘I believe in myself’


All of a sudden your life changes. Weirdly you're aware of things you never knew existed — You're doing things completely ‘unnormal’


The taste of possibility is now fully seducing your taste buds.



Feels good, right? 


The intelligence things was my personal example of what I believed 15+ years ago … along with many other destructive thoughts I had at the time.



Intellect was my achilles heel. I simply thought I'd missed my chance — Too old to change.


Yet I'm pleased to announce I proved myself wrong (awesome)


15 years later I've achieved many things I'm super proud of. I have a degree, a business, and a portfolio of 1000's of people I've helped with my coaching over the years.


But my biggest achievement?! …



Is having complete control over my thoughts.


This has settled a lot of anguish, adversity and negative beliefs.


My mind is now open to opportunity, happiness and freedom — It is quite simply liberating.


The question is…


What could it be for you?


What’s belief is holding you back?


Here's a challenge:


Grab a pen and journal (or pad) and write down this 'thing' that's holding you back.


Become aware of your self-talk — take note of your thoughts and be mindful of the things you say.



Then begin changing what you say and what you think.



Sound easy?



The process is stupid easy … the practice however, this is your discipline.



If you found this interesting, please let me know your thoughts.



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