Who's Behind The Logo?

courage entrepreneurship personal development Mar 20, 2021


Here’s my truth, a one that could have destroyed everything.



6 years ago I opened my first business, it was a gym. I called it LIFT Performance Evolution.



The reason was as obvious as the day was light. Well, in my head it was anyway.



I wanted to create something which inspired confidence in people. I wanted it to be the polar opposite of what other gyms around my area were like … intimidating and generally unfriendly places.



Full of hairy, snarling and egotistical bears. Those who’d look down on your puny little frame and doubt your ability to lift anything heavier than the gym bag you carried.



My mission was to go against the status quo. To drive a movement that would give people like me place to feel comfortable and wanted.



A place where you belonged and could consider it your third place.



And that’s what I done. I opened a gym with this very mindset of changing the world. Or certainly my local area.



However, there was one teeny tiny detail I failed to execute. The courage to express my message.



Thing is, I spent more time creating my logo and the name I completed ‘forgot’ about my message.



Only I hadn’t forgot. I was avoiding it. Because to get my message out, meant I had to be vulnerable. I had to crawl out from my place comfort and express my real self.



The very thought churned my stomach. See, since the age of around 15 (after my head injury) I struggled with social anxieties. Being in large crowd was bad enough, but being centre of attention made me want to vomit.



Instead of standing from the roof tops shouting I coward behind the logo and spoke quietly, mainly to myself. Hoping someone would discover my message for themselves.



Hint: It doesn’t work.



In the early stages my gym became busy, really busy. But mostly with the wrong people. To those who didn’t know me, it was gym. Like any other. To the few people close to me, my close clients, they knew better.



Here’s the problem. Because I was too afraid to express my real message, I attracted the wrong types of people into my business. Sure it created revenue, but it wasn’t living up to my initial purpose. I wasn’t happy and my business made me miserable.



It remained this way until things came to a head, and I had a falling out with one of my team members. We were good friends but had completely different ways of thinking. Difference was, he wasn’t afraid to express his mind, I was.



I tell you this because being an effective leader in your business in critical. It’s essential you influence your team positively and strongly. It’s the same towards your customer and clients. And it begins with your message and your values. If you can’t be clear on these, then you really can’t expect anyone else to be.



I wasn’t. I was too concerned about my own insecurities then anything else. And this created mixed messages. Things become murky and in my case, causes conflict.



It was at this point I realised I was the problem. Something had to change. I needed to be braver and start delivering my message in its full capacity.



Easier said than done, right. I mean, where do you start?



Then it became clear. It begins with one small step. Start with the people you’re closest with and build out from there. Tell them your story and open up to your own insecurities and vulnerabilities.



As predicted something happened. One by one people were leaving, my gym became quieter and quieter. And at the beginning stage I was scared, but then all of a sudden it became clear what was happening.



The people who didn’t align with my message and values left. Those who did stayed. But here’s the amazing thing. Those who aligned with my values didn’t just stay, they became stronger supporters of my evolution. Why? Because it was more about them more than it was about me.



My message was their message. My values were their values, and all of a sudden more and more likeminded people became attracted to what we were creating.



What started as a shambled mess became a small, but mighty, community of people I loved to serve. I learned how to communicate with them more effectively, I understood their pains but more importantly I knew how to solve it.



And as business owners that’s our jobs. To problem solve. It’s not to open doors and expect people to walk through. It’s to deliver a message to the those who need our help. But unless you’re a) clear on your message and values and b) bold enough to be your true unapologetic self, then the right people will never find you.



Here’s the deal… Had I not challenged my insecurities and changed the story I told myself, I would have crashed and burned. No marketing strategy or sales funnel would have saved me. Sure it might have generated more leads and maybe sales but I’d be miserable and unfulfilled.



The question I challenge you to ask yourself is this,



Do you want to serve the right people or just more people?



If you want to build a business of awesome people you love to serve, then stop hiding behind the logo. Step out, be brave and deliver your message to the world. Be yourself and tell your story, because your story will light up someone else life.



My High Performance Coaching is all about making you the strongest asset in your business.



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