The Entrepreneur's Mindset... And Why You Should Start Here.

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From employment to freedom


Let me take you on a little journey now and explore the potential of freedom.


But first, let me ask you a quick question…


What do you consider freedom to be?


Because it’s different for everyone.


However, most of us have one thing in common….


We value our time and wouldn’t say no to a disposable income.


Would you agree?


Imagine, you had a residual income and more free time to do work you love.


Pretty awesome, right?


Well then, let’s explore this freedom (time and financial) — AKA entrepreneurship.


Thing is, I’m not what you’d call a ‘natural’ entrepreneur.


At the age of 6 I didn’t sell lemonade for £1 per glass from the single lemon I bought for only 80p.


I  didn’t have the intuition to charge £5 for a car wash then pay someone else £3 to do it. (Making £2 profit).


I was however in awe of a guy at school. He bought a 20 pack of cigarettes for 3 quid. He’d then sell single cigarettes anywhere from 20p up to £1.


Sometimes it wasn’t uncommon for him to make £5-7 profit from a single pack.


Though I thought this was pretty clever, I never had the courage or influence to pull something like that off myself.


Instead, I just played by the rules and followed the system.


I opted for safety and security.


So why am I telling you this?


To illustrate a fact, that if someone like me can make a change, so can you.


You don’t need natural tendencies to make something of your life.


Sure it helps and would definitely be advantageous… but it’s not necessary.


Let me explain…


There’s a book I’m reading by Jodie Cook & Daniel Priestley - How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids.


It’s fascinating, I highly recommend you check it out.


In the book, Jodie describes a time when she was sitting on panel of 11 other entrepreneurs.


They were all asked to raise their hands if they had entrepreneurial parents. Someone who influenced their chosen path.


Amazingly 11 out of the 12 people raised their hands.


Jodie thought she was the only one, yet she wasn’t.


Thing is entrepreneurs possess certain qualities and have a specific type of mindset.


A defining characteristic of an entrepreneur is freedom: The freedom to make your own decisions.


The freedom to build, be creative and have fun.


Entrepreneurs are completely focused on growth and driven by problem solving.


As Daniel describes in the book, “the fun part is the building, not the end product”


Instead of being influenced by discouragement they are influenced by opportunity.


Jodie describes, most entrepreneurs are influenced this way by their parents.


Meaning much of the traits are nurtured. 


It’s kinda like one (or both) of your parents being a doctor, or athlete, or lawyer.


You’re gonna be influenced in some way by their mindset and their choices.


So what does that mean for you?


Well, I’m pleased you asked.


See these traits can be taught, learned and implemented.


Sure, it’s going to be much harder the older you get… but it is possible.


I’m living proof of this and it’s why personal development is absolutely NECESSARY.


My parents instilled a hard working, persistent and tenacious mentality into me.


And I’m absolutely thankful for that.


Without it, I would have given up before I even started.


From the age of about 10 I’ve earned a wage and never been without a job.


I’m super proud of this.


Though I didn’t have any ambitions, drives or desire to venture into something more than a job.


Mostly because I never understood outside opportunities. I'd never before been exposed to it.


I was in a dead end job and spent my weekends blowing my wage packet on booze and partying. 


In fact, I didn’t even know what entrepreneurship was until the age of 33.


Since then I’ve ran a successful gym business (this will always be my biggest achievement) and now I work online as a High Performance Coach.


Helping people like you inspire a lifestyle & business you’ve only ever dreamed about.


But why leave it as a dream?


Here’s the thing, it’s not how it used to be.


When I open my first business (gym) I needed to find £20,000 before I even opened the doors.


Over the years I invested at least another £50,000 back into the gym.


Scary thought, right?


Enough to put anyone off… It might have even put me off had I not been oblivious (ignorant) to this fact.




Do you how much you need these days to start a business?






All you need is a laptop, a WIFI connection and the right mindset


I’m going to emphasis something here… THE RIGHT MINDSET


Mindset is critical.


Here’s why…


Most people get into business for all the WRONG reasons.


They expect it to be easy.

They expect to build something and people will just buy their thing.

They expect to be the boss and take loads of holidays.

They expect the money will roll in and life will be… sweeeeet!


How do I know this?


Because that was me, back when I opened my gym.


I was ignorant, oblivious, fixed minded, arrogant, stubborn… I had absolutely no vision or purpose.


This is where personal development comes in.


See, years ago business was all about the product.


Buy a pen for 20p and sell it for £1.


That was kinda how it worked.


Today's world it’s different - It’s about the individual.


It’s about what you can offer. You the person.


It’s about personal branding and intellectual property.


In laymen terms, it’s about your skills, knowledge and experience and how you can monetise those to help others.


Sure you can still go down the product route, but it’s saturated. You’ll be in a huge fight for survival.


You however, there’s only one of you.


You are unique and you can solve someone else problem.


Maybe you don’t know what that is just yet. That’s cool. It will come, if you work on it.


Because it is there. You have it already. It’s just a case of figuring it out.


Now you might be thinking,


“how does personal development work here?”


Personal development is about developing you.


Specifically what I coach is High Performance strategies…







Entrepreneurs are super clear on their mission, confident and insanely productive…


Most of all, they have purpose.


These principles are what ‘natural’ entrepreneurs possess,


it’s why I study this area in great detail.


It’s why I coach it… its transformational.


It’s why you can become extraordinary.


It’s why you don’t have to be chained to employment or spend all your time making someone else’s dream a reality.


It’s why you can and should work on your vision... on your dream.


Because like me, maybe you weren’t born into this world of opportunity.


Maybe you think you have limited abilities and a set ceiling for success.


Well, you don’t.


You can 100% get more, be more and live with freedom.


So why wait?


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See You Soon


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