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Personal Freedom is a choice!

personal development personal freedom personal growth Dec 04, 2020

Since the beginning of days humankind has fought for one thing, freedom. The right not to be imprisoned or enslaved. The privilege to think, speak and act freely. From fighting in wars to protesting in front of tanks. Humans have acted courageously with whatever means necessary to bring freedom for the greater good.

In today’s world we have more freedom than ever, or certainly more opportunity. Yet we still don’t practise freedom. The deepest human desire is freedom, financial, time, emotional, spiritual, social and creative.

Yet we’re trapped in jobs we hate in order to pay for liabilities we can’t afford. We serve without purpose and live in volatile relationships to the detriment of our well-being.

Every day something new or exciting comes to the marketplace. Something we must have. A new gadget, a bigger home or fancy new car. We are enslaved by our own desires to have these shiny new things. We’re sold on the idea that it will improve our lives, which would surly create more freedom, right?

The irony is we continue to trade the one thing we do have freedom of. And this is time. We trade time for money. It’s an exchange of energy. You give someone or something your time, and in exchange you’re paid in the form of currency.

This is time invested. Yet the paradox is we don’t invest the energy exchanged. Instead we throw it into liabilities that hold no return. If anything, a depreciation and debt.

Unfortunately, many people don’t value their time. They undersell their true worth and end up becoming bitter and resentful to those who exchange currency for their labour. Yet the seduction of the marketplace pulls them deeper into a lost cavern of debt and regret.

Things is, you have a choice. I have a choice. We all have a choice of freedom. The freedom to live by the life we choose, doing the things we love to do. All with the people we love to do them with.

Your value of freedom could be different to mine. I spent nine years working in a job I despised. I was trading my time for resentment and hate. Strong words but after nine years of misery you can become quite bitter about your circumstances.

I spent the next twelve years in search for the one thing which would bring me happiness. The freedom of time. And with any search of freedom comes a discovery. A discovery of oneself.

Your eyes become open to new possibilities. Instead of walking with your head down and your eyes closed, you’re fully present, eyes wide open in search for hidden opportunities.

Image there’s a £50 note lying dormant on the floor and covered in dirt. After a thousand people have trampled over it, it’s no more recognisable than a dirty old receipt. Until finally, one “lucky” individual sees it for its true value and prises it from the mud. Was he lucky, or was he just open to see opportunity?

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” 
Thomas A. Edison.

Opportunities open doors. Doors that lead to further discoveries. This awakens your creative genius and allows you to express your uniqueness. We all have it. Just most of us are too afraid to show it. We’re paralysed by social oppression.

Scared of being judged, ridiculed and called out. The unfortunate thing is, people will do just that. But they’ve lost their way. No longer open to new ideas or share the same appreciation for ambition. They will continue to be bitter and resentful. And will jump at any given chance to bring someone else down.

Yet your persistence and love for your art will strengthen your resilience. This resilience will eventually present you with social freedom. The freedom to continue your art and explore your creative genius.

You’ll continue to learn, and you’ll continue to rise. The noise, which was once your kryptonite, will become the very power which drives you on.

No longer will you be held back by fear or failure. You’ll share your art with the people who value it. You’ll help the people who sing along to your song. You’ll give value and hope to the people who need it and to the world alike.

In time this will give you a living. It will bring you the resources you need to spread your message to the wider community. You get to help more people, you get to make more art. You will have freedom to live the life you want to live. With the people you want to live it with.

See, freedom isn’t bought. Freedom is earned. Just because a man is rich, doesn’t mean he is free.

“Content makes poor men rich, discontentment makes rich men poor”
Benjamin Franklin

Start with courage. Just be sure not to mistake courage with confidence. At the beginning you won’t be confident. Confidence takes time and resilience. It means you’ll have to take hits and failures. But if you’re courageous enough to make a move, you’ll become stronger and more confident than you could ever imagine.

You, me and everyone. We all have an underlying power of greatness. I want you to realise this power and do something with it. It’s never too late and you’re never too old. So, get to work.

Thank you for reading.

Your Coach


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