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How To Be Bullet Proof At 77... A Smart Investment.

health personal development strength Dec 07, 2020


“Whoa! those grandads are super cool”


I was seven years old, Adidas was cool back then.

 Imagery by Patrick Kool at Unsplashed


Thing is, it’s no coincidence.


Sure some of these older people may have been blessed with good genes, but, look at their lifestyle. They are always on the go. Doing something which involves activity, lifting, carrying or walking. They are completely independent.

Imagery by Damir Spanic at Unsplashed


“It’s raining”

“It’s cold”

“I’m tired”

“My back aches from the 8 hours of sitting on my ass”

“I’ll do it tomorrow”


Years ago, manual labour was all most people knew. It was accepted. These days adjusting the seat height is as intensive as the labour gets.


“You could get hit by a bus tomorrow”


But you could also live a slow and painful death that lasts well into your 90’s. I’ll take being healthy and vital now, and run the risk of getting hit by a bus tomorrow.

  1. (resistance training is medicine)
  2. (resistance & knee arthritis)
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