Are You Thinking About Starting a Business?

entrepreneurship personal development professional growth & development Feb 01, 2021

Hey, I’m Keir…


I just wanted to tell you about what I do.


I want to inspire opportunity, freedom and growth.


And I believe the ultimate ticket to this is entrepreneurship & self-mastery.


And I want you to do the same.


I help entrepreneurs and business owners do just that.


But how?


Let me explain…


Freedom is the #1 reason people get into business.


  • No boss.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Doing the work you love


Unfortunately many struggle.


And here’s why…


With each level of progress requires an adaption of mindset. You can’t think the same and expect a different result.


So let me show you the stages:


Employed ——> start-up

Start-up ——-> six figures

six figures ——> seven figures

seven figures ——> eight figures

eight figures ——> nine figures


With each level comes new challenges and a different approach to thinking.


Which is why personal development is absolutely necessary.


So where do I come in?


My experience is where I like to call the freedom stages.


Employed -—> start-up

Start-up —-> six figures


Let me explain both and see where you fit in.


Employment —-> start-up.


This way of thinking disturbs the old fixed beliefs and begins expanding the new growth beliefs.


You long to break the chains of employment and the 9-5 grind,.


You know you have more to give. You can feel a stirring inside of you. There’s another level but you just don’t know what, or how.


You want to take the leap, try something new, but…


You doubt your abilities.

You believe you won’t succeed.

No-one you know has done it, why will you be any different?


I know, I’ve been here. It’s a scary and frustrating place to be.


You know you’ve got more to give, but you’re trapped by your thoughts and limiting self-beliefs.


Every time you ‘dream’ of more you come up with reasons why you can’t.


So let me tell you something — something you’ll come to realise in time.


Whatever it is you’re thinking, you can absolutely do it. 


You can start a business — On the side or as a full time role.


It’s completely your choice.


You can do work you LOVE and get PAID for it.


You can create your own working hours. Your own schedule. Your own lifestyle.


My strong belief is that entrepreneurship is the golden ticket to freedom.


I 100% believe this to be true.


Not everyone will agree, and that’s OK.


I only want you to understand your unlimited opportunities.


See, the world has changed. And now we have more opportunity than EVER before.


But you’ve got to see the opportunity. You’ve got to believe in it.


If your head is down it looks bleak and grey … If you choose to look up there’s a bright future ahead.


The majority have their head down, the minority however are making it work.


They are reinventing their lives as we speak. They realise their life before lockdown wasn’t fulfilling.


Now they are choosing to change it.


Because now is the right time to start something amazing.


Never again will a chance like this happen, because all you need is…


A laptop, a WIFI connection and a mindset to succeed


I know what you’re thinking…


“What can I do?”


This is where insights and exploring your mind comes into it.


You’ve already got the answers — you’ve always had them.


And now you’ve been well and truly disrupted (by 2020) these answers are ripe and ready to pick.


So let me ask you a question:


Do you want a lifestyle of freedom and choice?


If you do, you absolutely can achieve it.


My next blog will be for the business owner who's 'stuck in a rut'.


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