The 80/20 formula that will transform your business mind

entrepreneurship personal development professional growth & development Jun 30, 2021

Business is 80% mindset and 20% skill.



According to Tony Robbins, world renowned life coach and leadership expert.



And I'd agree 100%.



Working on self is something I strongly believe gets missed/neglected and why so many people end up struggling in business and in life. 



Let me explain the top 3 development qualities I believe are essential and why:



1. Clarity/Vision



Understanding why you do what you do is critical. Many trainers fail (I’ve seen it numerous of times) because they don’t develop a clear sense of why. 



The why then leads into who, what and how you do it. 



You can then build out a vision of the future and develop strategies and systems to integrate into your business. Your vision then becomes a reality. 



This path of clarity that leads to my next point. 



2. Courage



People talk about confidence but confidence is a reward for taking action towards your dream — building a business, starting a career whatever it is you’re working towards. 



Courage is taking action despite fear. Knowing your destination is a strong cause to take action and to learn how to become resistant to fear.



For years I lacked confidence because I was taking action in the wrong places. 



It’s not to say you don’t progress, I did. But I never felt truly confident until I start walking in the right direction. 



Taking action in the wrong places can lead to self-doubt, imposter syndrome and a feeling of unfulfillment.



Once you are on the right path we come to my next stop, the development trait that is essential for growth and leadership.... 



3. Influence


To succeed you need to lead. 



Many people are scared by the word influence, and in today’s world it’s no wonder why



‘Influencers’ pop up left right and centre but rarely offer any kind of value. Just because someone has a blue tick does not mean they are influential - not in terms of leadership anyway. 



A real influencer is someone who can lead and be role model to others. 



Whether this is to our clients, kids or anyone else we’re wanting to lead into a better direction of life requires influence. 



A influencer is not a numbers game. You don’t need a million followers to be an influence. All you need is to inspire one person to believe in you. 



And then in time when your business grows you learn to lead a team. Your role of influencer never changes you just influence more people.



Now, will this give you a six, seven or eight figure business? 



Maybe in time if that’s what you want. But what it gives you, and what I believe more important, is purpose. 



Purpose is what gets you out of bed on a morning and gives you reason to keep going when things get tough — which they will. 



Anyway, these three qualities (amongst a bunch of others) are the development traits shown in research of high performers — or what I like to refer to as entrepreneurial qualities. 



And why I have developed my program, Fitness Business Accelerator with this in mind.



80% is developing your mindset and entrepreneurial qualities: clarity, confidence and influence. 



The final 20% is strategy focused to bring the right clients into your business. 



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