How To Avoid Being Ghosted By Your Potential Clients

business entrepreneurship how to sell person growth sales Oct 12, 2021
Being ghosted by a prospect sucks…
Like in the movie Dirty Dancing when Demi (Molly) says
“I love you”
and Patrick (Sam) responds with
Has this ever happened to you?
It’s like winding blow to the gut.
The cruel rejection is particularly painful because you are left with
no rationale, no reasons to why and no guidelines with how to proceed.
More often than not, you are left with a heap of emotions
to sort through on your own.
You put all your time, energy and love into your consultation
and all the get I return is,
“I need to check with my [spouses name] before I can commit,
I'll get back to you”
And then...........................................Silence! Nothing! Ziltch!
So why does this happen?
more importantly how can you stop being rejected?
Some experts will tell you need to let people
‘go away and think about it’
 before they make a commitment, but this is the wrong advice (IMO)
The truth is the human brain is hardwired to avoid discomfort
and it doesn’t like the unknown.
Therefore, it will find reasons not to venture down this path of uncertainty.
A prospect leaving your call ‘to think about it’ will only think of one thing…
reasons NOT to buy into your program.
Thing is, you are actually causing them more harm than good, 
because they need your help, without you they remain in pain.
But here’s the thing…
There are two main reasons why you get ghosted:
1. You are not attracting the right people.
Not everyone is ready to invest into their health.
If fact, probably only 10-15% of people are ready, the remaining majority just like the idea.
The majority will be testing the waters and comparing prices.
Their eyes will be scrolling for features and shiny objects
instead of benefits and results.
So, if you are marketing to most people
guess who you are going to attract?
Price seekers and tyre kickers…
People who are going to reject you.
The solution is to identify your ideal client
(someone you connect to on a deeper level)
Get laser focused on the problem you solve and specifically who for,
then you talk directly to your ideal client.
Your ideal client is ready to invest now,
it’s just a case of making sure they know you are the next logical step
Which brings us to…
2. You are not digging deep enough into the problem
Most people talk about features and how amazing
their program is on the phone and expect to make a sale.
And then wonder why they fail to close.
All this does is highlights the price,
the features and creates reasons not to buy your program.
I remember being on a call with a high-end business consultant.
For the entire 40 minutes all he done was talk about
how amazing and successful he was and how
I’d be making a huge mistake by not investing into him.
Not once did he ask me a direct question
about me and my problems.
I left that call feeling utterly deflated and unlisted to.
Understanding your client is a key concept to selling.
Here’s the solution:
Understand a ‘sales’ call is not a process of selling.
It is a process of listening and serving your potential client
to the best of your ability.
By adopting the role of Dr/Consultant
(and not that of a second hand car salesman), you
Offer a solution
By the time you reach the end of the call there is NO reason
not to buy from you because two things have happened,
1. By listening and allowing them to talk, you have demonstrated
that you care and because of this you have developed trust.
2. By understanding their problem and how you solve it,
helps them understand why you are the best solution for them.
Think of it this way…
Imagine yourself on a first date with someone.
If all you do is talk about how great you are and
the features of your new car the chances of a second date?
On the flip side, if you listen to the other person and
understand them on a deeper level,
you’ve bagged yourself a second date (and maybe even a weekend away).
Thanks for reading
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