39 Things I've Learned In 39 years Of Life

entrepreneurship personal development personal freedom personal growth Dec 16, 2020

Today I turn 39. So, I thought I'd deliver 39 notes of wisdom... OK, maybe not wisdom, but certainly a collection my own musings. 


  1. Always see the upside in the downside.


  1. Intelligence is more to do with HOW you use knowledge and less to do with your IQ score.


  1. Entrepreneurship is the most lucrative road to freedom, IMO.


  1. Gratitude will change your life.


  1. To truly experience peace and gratitude walk deep into the woods and just “be”


  1. Understanding finances and how money works is the underlying principle of financial freedom. Sounds obvious but so many people go through life not understanding the laws and nature of money. For a deep insight check out Rob Moore’s book, Money.


  1. The biggest productivity weapon comes from your morning routine.


  1. Everyone has the potential to get more from life, regardless of age, ability, skills, race, gender, experiences, intelligence or background.


  1. Negative environments quickly poison your thoughts and extinguish your dreams.


  1. The secret to self-made success is to give more than you receive.


  1. If you truly want to be free, embrace your weirdness. It’s a strength not a weakness.


  1. Financial education should be mandatory in the education system.


  1. Personal development should also be mandatory in the education system.


  1. The life you’ve lived and the story you have is the key to your future success.


  1. We all have a creative side, find yours and you’ll find freedom.


  1. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that most things in life are way, way out of our control. We do, however, have control of ourselves. It’s a choice to how we respond to situations. “When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves” Viktor Frankl


  1. The definition of success is happiness. Go after what makes you happy and you’ll be more successful than you could ever dream of.


  1. Consistent complaining is the best way to live an unfulfilled life. Many people love to complain about life and their circumstances, yet few are willing to change.


  1. Identity is governed by our habits. Habits are the underlying power to who you want to be. As quoted by Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”   


  1. Seeking professional help is not a sign that we’re broken or It’s a sign we’ve gone for as long as we can on our own. The strongest people aren’t afraid to ask for help.


  1. We are our biggest asset. And like any good asset it will depreciate over time if it’s neglected.


  1. Do something every day which makes you uncomfortable. For me it’s jumping in a freezing cold shower. What could you do?


  1. Health is a privilege not a chore. One day you might not have this privilege.


  1. For every person who tells you “it won’t work” view this as one more reason to keep going.


  1. You’ve got to be prepared to unlearn the old way to start the new.


  1. Accept the role of student as well as accepting the role of teacher and you’ll never stop learning


  1. Always be curious.


  1. Failure is not permanent. It’s the worlds way of saying, “nice try, now let’s see how you can do better”


  1. The most slow and painful death you’ll experience is doing something you hate for the rest of your life.


  1. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


  1. If you don’t wake up excited by your day, change what you’re doing, and quick.


  1. Our brains are malleable and have the ability to change, adapt and rewire old negative programs. The is known as neuroplasticity and it’s absolutely freaking fascinating.


  1. Meditation can solve a lot of mental issues. I am of course speaking from a non-clinical point of view.


  1. Mastering your own psychology is the biggest step to success.


  1. Your environment and the people you spend the most time with will massively dictate the fruits of your labour.


  1. If you’re not challenged on a daily basis you’re not growing.


  1. An investment in yourself is not a cost. Every book, every course, every coach, every mentor will deliver something you can use to further your progress. Provided you give you’re all to your investment.


  1. Every day we learn something new. Make sure to write that stuff down. It’s pure gold.


  1. In every struggle there’s an opportunity if you look hard enough.


Thank you for reading

Keir Spoon

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