High Performance Coaching For Fitness Professionals

I help fitness professionals with imposter fears and anxieties, get over self-doubt, and start landing high paying clients without regressing back to self sabotage, perfection, and procrastination.

So you can create your perfect lifestyle design.   

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Lifestyle design. It’s crucial for living life with freedom of time and finances.


What does that mean, exactly?


It means more time with your family, more profits to do the things you enjoy, and more energy to be at your best.


The trouble is, so many business owners and entrepreneurs are ploughing all their time, money and energy into their businesses, but being rewarded with little more than frustration and fatigue. 


They wake up stressing about ‘problem clients,’ or cancellations, or staff issues, and go to bed worrying about money.


That’s not right. It shouldn’t be like this.


That’s not why you started your business, and it’s not something you need to put up with ...


The business world is littered with overworked and fearful owners. 


They’re forever thinking -


“How do I create more revenue?


"What happens if I lose a few clients, and can’t replace them?”


“How do I manage all these tasks?


"I just can’t keep up, and the harder I work, the more I seem to have to do?”


 “When will I get my big break?


"I started a business so I could have more money and more free time. But all I’m doing is sleeping less, spending every day feeling stressed, and feeling like my life isn’t my own any more"


Here’s the thing -


I know what this feels like, because I’ve been there. For years I was overworked and hugely overwhelmed. I was spending so much time in my business that I had very little energy or time to give to my family… god forbid any interests. I was unhappy, they were unhappy, and things were only getting worse.


Six years ago, I made the switch from self-employed personal trainer to business owner. I bought a bricks & mortar gym, because I felt that was what I needed to be successful in business. 


And it was successful. To a degree, at least. But the problem was, it created what Tim Ferris (Entrepreneur & author) describes as “the living dead”.


 From the outside everything looked sweet. But on the inside, everything was hollow. No passion, no purpose, no life. Something had to change, and so I switched my focus. I went from doing everything the ‘business experts’ said I had to do, to concentrating on lifestyle design. My business had to work for me. Freedom of time and finances became my mission.


And so, for the past three years, I’ve intensively studied, intensively, personal development, and come to understand how it’s absolutely essential for growth and development. The art of self-mastery is the golden egg to all success. This is where High Performance Coaching comes in.


I know what you might be thinking – “isn’t this just life coaching?


Well, it’s kinda like life coaching, but with ambition...


High Performance coaching is dynamic. It isn’t about living in the past – it’s about creating your future. It’s celebrating your success but aggressively moving you up to the next level of success. The level which crafts the life you want.


But it’s not for everyone. Some people aren’t ready to move on. Too fearful of change. Too afraid of the unknown and only focused on financially keeping their head above water.    


So, to make sure you’re ready, ask yourself;


  • Am I ready for more success?
  • Am I ready to be challenged?
  • Am I ready to start loving my business?
  • Am I ready to give my family the life they deserve?


If you said yes to all of these, you’re ready. 


It’s time to let go of the old belief of “I can’t” and start owning the resilient mindset of “I will”.


So, let’s get started.


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Naomi, Online Personal Trainer

I’ve accomplished more in the last three months than I have in the last three years.

It’s quite incredible really.

 It’s brought me to life!

Andy, Driving Instructor

I was overworked, stressed and neglecting my health. My diary was brimming and I just felt it was never ending. Keir's coaching has given me the confidence to increase my profits while reducing my hours. Freeing up more time for me which means I now work less and earn more. 

Aaron, 18 year old aspiring entrepreneur 

Working with Keir has been game changing. I’ve gained more clarity on who I want to be, and what I want to do in the future. Before hand, I felt frustrated and stressed out over what I wanted in the future. In both business and personal life. Now I’m clearer on what I need to do in order to achieve my goals and create the life I want to live.

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